Computational Materials Science Program of Excellence (CMSPE)

Mission: Computational Materials Scholars Program (CMSP) provides leadership to enable and enhance Skoltech academic excellence in education and to provide a mechanism to recruit the best International students, postdoctoral associates and faculty in the interdisciplinary Materials Science area. This will be achieved by establishing a diverse line-up of Scholarship and Fellowship Awards, by sharing and consolidating relevant resources at Skoltech and by providing a collaborative environment across CREI theory groups with strong interactions with experiments and facilitating cross-disciplinary interactions of junior researchers.

Program Directors:

Prof. Artem R. Oganov, Program Director
Adj. Prof. Sergei Tretiak, Program co-Director.

Executive Committee:

  • Prof. A. R. Oganov (CEE)
  • Adj. Prof. S. Tretiak (CEE)
  • Prof. K. Stevenson (CEE)
  • Prof. A. Buchachenko (CEE)
  • Prof. A. Zhugayevych (CEE)
  • Dr. D. Aksenov (CEE)
  • Prof. V. Perebeinos (CPQM)
  • Prof. A. Shapeev (CDISE)
  • Prof. I. Oseledets (CDISE)
  • Adj. Prof. M. Chertkov (CES)