Events and Educational Activities

Thanks to enormous progress in computational power and in algorithm development, we are now closer to the possibility to predict the material structure-properties relationships directly from the first principles.  Inaugural Symposium for “Computational Materials Program of Excellence”  will take place on 04 – 06 September 2019 at Skoltech, a new top-level international university located in Moscow. This will give you an opportunity to also discover Moscow, one of the most breathtaking cities in the world, with incredible cultural heritage. For a glimpse of Moscow, see Moscow aerial view.
We find particularly appropriate for holding this conference in 2019, the International Year of the Periodic Table since computational materials science became a new paradigm for designing materials with superior properties. Symposium will be divided into two parts: the first will be dedicated to an advanced discussion of the latest developments in the field, and the second will be dedicated to hands-on tutorials with structure prediction methods in combination with electronic structure calculations.
Confirmed speakers:
Michele Parrinello (ETH Zurich)
Matthias Scheffler (Fritz Haber Institute)
Joerg Neugebauer (Max Planck Institute of Iron Research)
Xavier Gonze (Skoltech and University of Louvain)
Georg Kresse (University of Vienna)
Roberto Car (Princeton)
Volker Blum (Duke University)
Andrew Rappe (University Pennsylvania)
Keith Stevenson (Skoltech)
Suhuai Wei (Scientific Research Computing Center, Beijing)
Annabella Selloni (Princeton)
Thomas Frauenheim (University of Bremen)
Alexandre Tkatchenko (University Luxembourg)
Andriy Zhugayevych (Skoltech)
Alexander Shapeev (Skoltech)
Leeor Kronik (Weizmann Institute)
Andrei Tchougreeff (Frumkin Institute)
Sergey Levchenko (Skoltech)
Dmitry Aksenov (Skoltech)
Zhigang Shuai (Tsinghua University)
Vladimir I. Anisimov (Institute of Metal Physics, Yekaterinburg)

CMSPE Seminars:

These are biweekly, operated in English and organized by Dr. Dmitry Aksenov.

Posters of seminars could be found in .

Annual Workshops:

2018: “Computational Materials Discovery with the USPEX code”, 17-19 September 2018, Skolkovo, Moscow (Russia). For details, see

Educational Activities:

Our Program happily participates in educational activities. For example, in 2017 Prof. A.R. Oganov and his PhD student V.V. Roizen gave an open lesson to a select group of talented schoolchildren. After that, this group of children visited Skoltech for a week and were tutored by Prof. Oganov and his laboratory members.